Estate Administration & Probates Port Macquarie

Searson Shannon & Co Pty Limited offer a professional, cost effective and personalised service for estate administration and probate matters.

Searson Shannon & Co. can assist you with:

  • Obtaining Probate
  • Applications to the Court
  • Administering Estates
  • Succession Act Claims

We also offer a Probate administration service and can offer you advice as to whether a grant of Probate is necessary, and if so, how to obtain a grant and to administer the estate in accordance with the various legal requirements under the Wills and Probate Administration Act. 

Contesting An Estate

Searson Shannon & Co. Pty Limited’s experienced estate litigation team are also able to advise you whether you have a valid and viable claim on an Estate under the Succession Act and advise you of your options.


Probate is the process of proving and registering in the Supreme Court the last Will of a deceased person. When a person dies, somebody has to deal with their estate.

Succession Act

The Succession Amendment (Family Provision) Bill 2008 commenced on 1 March 2009. Chapter 3 of the Succession Act 2006, titled “Family Provision”, is intended to ensure that adequate provision is made to certain defined eligible persons, whether or not there was a Will and whether or not the eligible person was mentioned in it.